Day camp 2022 – Topics of general and important interest

Arrival and departure Parents must accompany their child to the entrance and must register them by recording the time of arrival and by entering the child’s name in the register located at the main entrance of the day camp. If for various reasons, the child must leave before 4:00 p.m., the parent must first notify the person at reception who will inform the leader in charge. ESSENTIAL: The child must be accompanied in the morning and picked up in the evening by the parent or an adult officially authorized by the parent. At no time should the child be left alone at the entrance to the day camp. It is essential that the parent or the person officially authorized by the parent complete the attendance register before and after regular camp hours. Parents whose child is authorized to arrive and leave the day camp alone, must complete and submit a document authorizing those in charge of the day camp to let the child leave the site alone and releasing them from any responsibility towards the child. once he has left the day camp site. Absences* The parent has the obligation to inform the person at reception, by email or telephone, of the absence of their child. The parent must clearly specify the name and surname of the child. In the event of the unjustified absence of a child, the day camp managers will contact the parents within the first 30 minutes following the start of the day camp. The days of absence of a child are not refundable. Delay Any child who is not registered for daycare must have left the day camp by 4 p.m. A fee of $5 per 5 minutes per child applies if you exceed the time at which it is planned and agreed to pick up your child(ren).