Floor hockey

It is forbiden to play floor hockey on wooden gymnasium floors

Floor hockey is authorized under certain conditions on other gymnasium surfaces such as rubber, PVC, tiling :

  • Only the use of sticks with plastic blades is allowed;
  • Ice hockey sticks made of wood, composite, or graphite, etc. are prohibited.
  • Are also prohibited any other hockey sticks that could damage the floor.

Please do not apply tape on the floor hockey stick’s blades.


1: State of mind

Any remarks that do not respect sportsmanship, that is insulting, sexist or racist will be punished with a single warning, and will be followed by an immediate and permanent expulsion.

2: Equipment

All players must wear indoor sport shoes with soles of rubber or similar high-grip, non-marking materials (to keep the gym clean). Winter boots are not allowed in the gym. Players are responsible for their own racket and shuttles (possibility of borrowing equipment to help someone out and to play on a trial basis).

3: Installations

Members must be respectful of all installations available to them (courts, nets, etc.).

 4: Singles and Doubles

Doubles are given priority except if there are available courts. In such a case, members will be able to play single games.

 5: Managing the Courts

A rotation board will be set up in order to allow every member to play badminton fairly. A rotation is therefore mandatory after every game. No member or group of members is allowed to take over a court for an evening or part of an evening.

 6: Scoring System

The international 21 points scoring system will be enforced. Members will play 21 points games and will then leave the court to get back in line in order to rotate. When necessary, the person in charge will be allowed to switch to 15 points games to give everyone a chance to play.

 7: Liabilities

The club is not responsible for any theft or loss of personal belongings.

 8: Trial Period

Anyone will be able to tryout during the regular badminton games. If the person is interested in joining the club, they must pay the membership fare and fill out the registration file. During the trial period, any incident will be covered by the person’s personal insurance.

 9: Sanctions

Any repeated violation of the rules, freely accepted by the club member, will be the responsibility of the person at fault. They will first get a warning, and, if necessary, will be expelled (temporarily, then definitively) with or without refund.

 10: Refund Policy

Refund requests will only be accepted within the first two weeks of subscription of the current season. After this date, no refund request will be accepted for the season other than for medical reason. In such an even, medical proof must be provided. Once the request has been analysed, there is a 30 days delay before a refund check is received. All refund requests must be processed by email.

 11: Zero Tolerance

It is strictly forbidden to have in one’s possession, to take, or to partake in the trafficking of alcohol or illicit substances (drugs, steroids, etc.) within the Badminton Lachine club, with threat of sanctions.
Sanctions could include a temporary or permanent suspension.

 12: Pictures

During activities organized by Badminton Lachine or in which the club members participate, pictures can be taken by volunteers or parents of the Club.  These pictures can eventually be used in newspaper articles, on websites and in advertisements to promote either badminton or an event that the Club is organizing