2021 Day Camp – Required Material and Prohibited Items

Necessary equipment and prohibited items* Parents must ensure daily that their child(ren) bring with them, in their backpack(s) the necessary equipment so that they do not miss anything during the day. . A 2021 Day Camp T-Shirt will be given to each child during their first week of participation in the day camp. Wearing the Day Camp T-Shirt is only mandatory for weekly outings that will take place every Wednesday. Necessary material The equipment needed consists of: Clothing adapted to the sports activities of the day camp; Sneakers, or running shoes or “crocs” that hold well and protect the child’s feet; A cold, nutritious lunch, accompanied by cooling bags to keep it fresh (avoid: peanuts and peanut-based foods); Snacks (2 or more); Bottle of water identified with the name of the child; Bathing suit and place towel; A protective cream (sunscreen); A set of additional clothing for the unexpected; A hat, a cap. Medications specific to the child’s health condition (examples: prescriptions, EpiPen, etc.) Prohibited items – unauthorized items Electronic games; Cellular, iPod, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, etc.); Toy(s) and any other object from the house; Chewing gum *Laurendeau-Dunton Leisure is not responsible for breakage or theft of objects belonging to the child. It is essential that all child’s effects be clearly identified with the child’s name to facilitate tracing and identification. Loisirs Laurendeau-Dunton reserves the right to confiscate prohibited items that may have been brought to the day camp.