Laurendeau-Dunton day summer camp

Montreal, May 3th, 2018- The registration period for the Laurendeau-Dunton Leisure Bilingual Day Camp is well underway. Hurry, places are limited!

Theme-This year, the theme “Journey Through Time 2018” takes a leap back to the 50s and then gradually go back in time until today. Fasten your belts, this departure is scheduled for June 25 and ends on August 17, 2018. The duration is eight weeks of activities and the trip ends its trajectory into the future at the end of the summer.

Stimulating Environment- The program was created for children from 5 to 12 years old. During their stay at the camp, children are invited to participate in cultural, educational and sports activities that aim to develop their creativity, autonomy, resourcefulness and sense of mutual aid. The theme of this year is to encourage them to discover the events, traditions and evolution that have marked our society over the years.

Typical day – Every day, the day begins at 8:30 with the formation of groups and a first activity. At 9:30, the children take a well-deserved break of 15 minutes to enjoy their healthy snack. Then two activities follow each other until dinner time at 12h. If the weather is fine and the sun is there, the kids will be happy to go to the pool in the afternoon. The return to the camp is scheduled for 14:30. Then, children enjoy the outdoors and have fun at the park. At 15h, the second snack is served. At 4 pm, camp activities end.

Babysitting service – As many parents work until 18:00, we offer a babysitting service.

Regular day care – is offered from 7 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 6 pm. Please note that an additional fee ($ 5 per 5 minutes) will be added to the childcare fee the following week if this specific period is not respected.

Occasional Child Care – Entitles you to choose between morning or afternoon or both, and you must complete the form for this purpose. Fees accordingly are to be expected.

Outings- Wednesdays are reserved for outings: a visit of Quinn Farm or Nid d’Autruche, the Montreal Science Center, the Biodome or the Insectarium, Fun Zone Fun Park, the cinema, bowling, the Maison St-Gabriel in Verdun or the Exporail in St-Constant. In addition, an urban camping activity combined with a trip to the Labyrinthe in Old Montreal is on schedule! Depending on the temperature, these activities may vary.

Speakers- This year, the day camp is pleased to welcome various specialists to come and talk with the children. Thus, we are expecting the arrival of police officers, firefighters from the Fire Department, milk producers from Quebec, members of the Eco-Quartier, Olympic Athletes, members of the War Amps Association and of a Provincial or Federal elected. What better than chatting with passionate people!

New component – The Laurendeau-Dunton Leisure Day Camp considers that every child has the right to have fun! For this reason, this year we are pleased to welcome a limited number of children with special needs (ADHD, asperger’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, etc.). An individualized or small approach group will be offered by passionate and trained instructors to accompany this clientele. A partnership with AlterGo, an organization that promotes universal accessibility, has made this new adventure possible! Their support and expertise with this clientele will supervise the instructors as well as the children.

We hope that this first experience turns out to be educational and pleasant. The collaboration of the parents is precious to us. The Laurendeau-Dunton Leisure Day Camp takes its mission to heart by providing a safe and supportive environment for your children.

We hope to see you in great numbers and we wish you a sunny and warm summer!

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